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Using French Cuisine to Teach French: Crème brûlée Recipe

The very best way to learn a new language is by total immersion. When someone is forced to conduct all business and all pleasure in the new language, it is much more likely to sink in and be absorbed at … Continue reading

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Saltwater Fishing Tips for Atlantic Spadefish

This article provides saltwater fishing tips for catching Atlantic spadefish, which are sometimes called “angelfish.” The fish’s elongated anal and dorsal fins, along with the black vertical bars, give the fish the appearance similar to an angelfish. Spadefish can be … Continue reading

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Using RedBubble To Promote Your Art Work and Photography

RedBubble is an aesthetically pleasing website that allows artists and photographers to promote and sell their work. Unlike Zazzle where they provide a code to embed product images directly on a personal website, it is a bit more difficult to … Continue reading

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New Tulip Accessories Designed by Julia Hanna

  Do you like tulips?  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and I take many pictures of these in spring.  Here a few accessories I designed with my tulip photographs.  These items are perfect for tulip aficionados. Tulip Necklace … Continue reading

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Covenant Between the Pieces

Crocodil:   Covenant Between the Pieces   Look up toward the heavens And count  the stars: Six million too many.   And lo, a smoking furnace…   (Genesis 15,5;  17)     L’Alliance d’Abraham   Leve les yeux au ciel … Continue reading

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Rubber Ducky has had plenty of media coverage

Rubber Ducky is a song of mine that proved to be so popular back in the early ’70s that it had a cult following, although I personally hated it. Rubber Ducky is a really silly song and not the sort … Continue reading

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Spain, tourism, and flamenco

Spain often is marketed as the land of passion, bullfights, flamenco, sun, and sand.  Blurring significant regional diversity, an almost comic-book version of its southern region, Andalucía, has been promoted as the public face of Spain – it has all … Continue reading

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A Thousand and One Stories of Pericón de Cádiz: English Translation

Inverted-A Press has entered into an agreement with José Luis Ortiz Nuevo and John Moore to publish Moore’s English translation of Ortiz Nuevo’s book Las mil y una historias de Pericón de Cádiz: A Thousand and One Stories of Pericón … Continue reading

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Sweetbearies Art Workshop

Last Sunday I launched a new online shop called Sweetbearies Art Workshop, which features products I have created over on my Zazzle shop. This new site is a sub-domain of my regular art website, and is yet another way … Continue reading

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Maximizing Your Hiking Workout

Here are some tips to help maximize the health benefits of hiking while minimizing the risks. Use trekking poles. Trekking poles minimize the risk of falls and twisted ankles while helping to reduce impact on your leg joints.  They also … Continue reading

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