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Editorial Policy and the Search Engines: Who Decides What is Spam?

Recently I was involved in a discussion with some internet colleagues about the relative merits of two sites for writers. I am not writing this editorial in order to run down or disparage either of those sites, even though they … Continue reading

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The Cat On A Wall With A Bird

The other morning I was intrigued by a cat sitting on a wall in the early morning. A bird kept flying in close proximity to the cat, who acted like he sort of wanted to catch the bird. However, the … Continue reading

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Handwriting News …

/1/ I’ve just learned that I have been very recently quoted on handwriting — well, on the perils of doing it badly — in a fairly big magazine. In other (and perhaps rather more interesting) news of the handwriting world … Continue reading

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For California Pubbers: Replace Amazon with Barnes & Noble

Recently, due to tax legislation passed under an emergency measure in California, Amazon dropped all its California affiliates. This has put a lot of online writers in a state of reduced income. What’s a California pubber to do? Well, when … Continue reading

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An Interview with Julia Hanna

Julia Hanna, otherwise known as Sweetbearies here on PubWages, is a prolific writer and artist. Last night I had the privilege of doing a video interview with her on Skype. Even though she is in California and I am in … Continue reading

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Bard of Ely has a new entry in the YouBloom Music Awards

My song Mañana recently got through to the semi finals of the YouBloom Song Contest, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for it and helped it get there! Sadly though Bob Geldof and the team of judges … Continue reading

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Found: precise analysis of cursive defenders’ favorite logical errors

Found: precise analysis of cursive defenders’ favorite logical errors (I disagree, though, with this blogger’s claim that long handwritten messages are always an imposition on the reader. With well-planned practice— and a simple style of handwriting — the results can … Continue reading

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Snippets on handwriting …

/1/ Here’s some proof that liking to use cursive is no guarantee of common sense or accurate spelling. Well, at least the cursive was competent. /2/ Incompetent handwriting — of any style — led to these other cake disasters. /3/ … Continue reading

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How To Create A Forest Sunset Sketch

If you enjoy drawing, you might always be looking around for new things to draw.  A few months ago I started drawing a picture of a forest silhouette scene, which is actually based on a photograph taken in the early … Continue reading

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“Law Abiding People”: A song from THE DEBT COLLECTOR

Daniel Carter and I have been collaborating on a musical.  We have nineteen songs written to go with my play The Debt Collector. He composed the music and I wrote the words. But the collaborative process continues, as we recruit … Continue reading

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