Milkweed Flowers

Milkweed flowers are beautiful, and the milkweed plant is well known for attracting and nurturing butterflies, especially the famous Monarch butterfly  that is renowned for its migration and life cycle.


Milkweed flowering by the side of the road

There are several different varieties of milkweed.


In an unmowed field, purple milkweed must compete with poison ivy.

Common milkweed is grayish lavender colored.

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The common milkweed is a duller color than the other varieties but just as attractive to pollinators.


The Common Milkweed attracts a bee


Purple milkweed is a much brighter pinkish purple if planted in richer soils.


Purple Milkweed at its Brightest


When planted in lesser soil, the purple milkweed can look a duller shade of purple, but no less inviting to the bees.

Bee on Lighter purple milkweed

A bee on lighter colored purple milkweed

Butterfly milkweed is orange.


Butterfly Milkweed


All kinds of insects are attracted to the milkweed. Then when it is done flowering, it creates seed pods that carry the seeds for next year’s flowers. And the cycle begins again.


Seed Pods for Next Year


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  1. Sweetbearies says:

    The milkweed flowers are very beautiful. It has been awhile since I have seen these in person.

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