Delectable Side Dishes for Thanksgiving: Encapsulated Gelatin Flowers or Fall…

This Thanksgiving you want to make your table beautiful, not by adding centerpieces that clutter up the serving space, but by presenting side dishes for the holiday that are so stunning they take your breath away. One such dish that you might consider adding to your Thanksgiving table is a beautiful lotus flower encapsulated in gelatin. Watch this video to get some idea of what it might look like:

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Those flowers are gorgeous, aren’t they? But perhaps you think they are not quite right for Thanksgiving. Then how about fall leaves in their natural autumnal splendor encapsulated in gelatin? Watch how it’s done below:

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In order to get started on your Thanksgiving side dish of decorative gelatin, you first of all need to learn how to make the clear gelatin in which your flowers or leaves will be encapsulated. Here is a video that shows you how to do that:

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You will also want to learn how to make milk gelatin, which will be the base of many of your artistic creations. Here’s how:

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Want a full recipe for these gelatin flowers or autumn leaves? Then try some of these instructional books, ingredients and accessories:



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