Tall Phlox

Tall phlox blooms later than creeping phlox. In my garden, the season starts in mid-June, and ends late in July.


Tall Phlox is so called because it consists of tall, green  stalks that grow anew from the roots every year.



At first, only one or two florets bloom.


But as the season progresses, the entire composite flower is open, like  a big poof of color.


Although the phlox has a haunting, heady scent, very few insects are drawn to it.

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Nevertheless, the phlox is a wonderful addition to any garden.

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Tall phlox plays an important part in my children’s book, In Case There’s a Fox.

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  1. Sweetbearies says:

    I like that your phlox grows naturally without having to do much to it. The plants I like the most are the ones that take care of themselves, which is why I mostly just plant morning glory and hollyhocks now.

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