An Interview with Julia Hanna

Julia Hanna, otherwise known as Sweetbearies here on PubWages, is a prolific writer and artist. Last night I had the privilege of doing a video interview with her on Skype. Even though she is in California and I am in Missouri, and though we have never met in person, we were able to talk together about her writing, her experiences online and off, her arts and crafts and her novel in progress. Come and meet Julia in this video!

YouTube Preview Image

You can read more about Julia and view some of her artwork and crafts at her Sweatbearies site:

I enjoyed talking with Julia online, and I think that the ability to see one another on Skype and share our thoughts with other pubbers is going to change the experience here on PubWages. Video interviews are not just for people who live in the same city, nor are they only open to those who are already extremely well known. We now have the ability to share a conversation with each other despite the distance and without going to great expense. Good conversation and good writing go together, I think, so please take the time to enjoy this talk with Julia. Let us know if there are any follow up questions you would like to ask. We may do this again!

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7 Responses to An Interview with Julia Hanna

  1. Sweetbearies says:

    You did a good job with this Aya! Maybe you can start interviewing others around the world on a variety of issues and topics.

  2. Aya Katz says:

    Thanks, Julia! It was lots of fun to do. It think it would be wonderful for all of us on PubWages to feel free to interview each other and people all around the world. The video interview is now open to everyone, not just celebrities. There are so many topics to be explored!

  3. Sweetbearies says:

    I agree, celebrity interviews are a bit boring at this point. Like we care what type of shoes they wear.

  4. Pamela99 says:

    This is a very interesting way to complete an interview. Skype seemed to work out very well.

  5. Assi Degani says:

    I try here a second time to write about what had caught my attention in the Skype interview Aya did with Julia Hanna, when Bow tried to interfere and “steal” the scene: He started with body gestures, the finest of them remided me of a boxer in a ring. Maybe it is my imagination, but that caught my attention, as already mentioned.
    Later he adds growls to jumps, and in time he moves forward, closer to the camera, and rises “to higher octaves”. I enjoyed the scene and your solution to contact some other time, not in Bow’s presence.
    I hope this time my comment shall appear…

    • Aya Katz says:

      Thanks, Assi, for your comment. I’m glad you were finally able to post it.

      Strictly speaking, this comment is not about the interview with Julia Hanna. You are referring to the pre-interview video that I posted in Notes from the Pens, the blog about Bow:

      Bow was doing his classic dominance display at the sight of a stranger. Many encounters with other people result in this display. It is hard to conduct ordinary business in Bow’s presence these days because of this, and hence he and I are becoming increasingly isolated. While the solution of contacting Julia after Bow had gone to bed did in fact work, you need to also understand that this means any interview I conduct, and any social life I have, must take place after I have spent a full twelve hours taking care of Bow in isolation.

      I am hoping to find Bow other chimpanzees to interact with, so that he can practice his displays on conspecifics who might actually appreciate them. How long would two chimpanzees on Skype continue displaying at one another before they calmed down and got down to business? Inquiring minds want to know. Other primatologists I have asked, however, do not seem equally curious about this.

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