Modeling the Audible Vacuum County Shirt

I am not really comfortable modeling clothes. Julia Hanna did a much better job showing the Vacuum County T-shirt to full advantage.

But this is the Audible Vacuum County T-shirt. So far, I think I am the only person on earth who has one.

And I think the person who is best qualified to model it is Kelly Clear. With a kilt, of course. But for the time being here is the back of the shirt on me.

It’s a very comfortable shirt and allows you to move around unhampered, even if your chimp is handling your iPhone and you need to move fast!

Bow didn’t want me to model the shirt. He just wanted to go inside. But the chimp in your life might really like the shirt.

To order the book, click here. To order the regular Vacuum County shirt, click here. To order the Audible Vacuum County shirt click here.


The Vacuum County Shirt

What is Vacuum County All About?

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2 Responses to Modeling the Audible Vacuum County Shirt

  1. Sweetbearies says:

    I think this is the advantage of having a shirt with art from the cover of your book, especially since you are the only person on earth who owns the audible edition. I think you did a good job modeling it, and you are definitely a trend setter.

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